Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Where oh where?

Hello again at long last!
It has certainly been a while since my last blog which may have got you wondering where I have been?
Well, this photo might give you a clue......

Can you guess? Look at the lovely blue, sunny skies and the deep blue sea-is it England on a summer's day? (I think not!)
Here's another one.....

It is Collioure in the south of France! So beautiful and I was lucky enough to have two weeks holiday there with my husband. I cannot really describe what a great time we had- loads of swimming and cycling and running (preparation for that half-marathon that is looming very soon, but more about that later...eeek!) and of course, eating! Fresh seafood, warm bread fresh from the bakery and delicious local olives! I was in heaven.

All good things must end, and sadly the holiday is now a distant memory and I am well and truly back into the normal, everyday humdrum of work. Never mind, that is what makes holidays so enjoyable!

As sad as it seems (although fellow bloggers and crafty-cats like myself will understand) my crochet basket accompanied us on holidays and major progress has been made! I have now finished all the granny squares (108 in total!) and am in the process of piecing them together. Phew- what a task! Trying to take my time and not ruin it with my impatience to have it finished and on the sofa, where I can smuggly admire it and think- I made that!

My camera is still misbehaving and any photos that I take are definitely still dodgy, but will try to post some evidence of my granny blanket progress later today.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time on holiday, sounds like just the right balance of sightseeing and relaxing too. My husband can't understand why I feel the need to take my bag of crafty goodies on holiday, but it always comes with us! Looking forward to seeing the blanket when it is finished :O)

  2. I don't think it's sad to take your crochet away, I'd imagine it's really relaxing! Can't wait to see how the blanket is looking. I absolutely love the south of France (been to Nice four times) so I am incredibly jealous!

    Mel xxx

  3. Another career girl - god how I wish sometimes I was a lady that lunches, this week is the week from hell. I am juggling about 15 balls at the moment! The place to go to is here, very cheap! I love it! (park in the petrol station).

    If you are thinking of coming this way there are a few places I recommend. This is a good place: (more for browsing, I like the garden shop though).

  4. Your holiday looks great!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I always like to "meet" more bloggers!



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