Friday, 7 August 2009

Quite a surprise!

Today's blog is not about holidays. It's not about craft. It's not about thrifty, bargain buys or baking. Believe it or not, it's not even about work. Have I got your attention? Good- then here goes. Today at work, I had a phone call from my husband-nothing unusual in that I hear you say, and you are right. However, it was what he had to say that was a surprise. Read on......
There I was at my desk, surrounded by papers, and just slightly frazzled as I was struggled to finalise a paper to meet a 5pm publisher's deadline (as usual, I had convinced myself that I write best when under pressure, and had left it until the last moment) when he called.
Bypassing all greetings, he simply said "I am standing here looking at the cutest little tabby kitten you have ever seen"
"mmmmmmm" I said, not knowing what was coming next, "and?"

Well, you can see for yourself.......

He had put a deposit down for not one- but two, sweet little 6 week old tabby kittens! (At this point in the story I must be honest and tell you that we had been serioulsy looking for one) but what a surprise!
We will bring them home in 2 weeks time but in the meantime, we have to come up with two names- any suggestions?

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  1. Lucy ~ how cute is that kitten! You will certainly have your hands full with two little kitties and will have to keep them away from all your woolly bits and pieces too :O)


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