Saturday, 8 August 2009

This and that.

Hello everyone. I do hope that you are having a nice weekend. The weather here in Kent is lovely- hot and sunny. Perhaps you are experiencing similar. Well, unlike yesterday's post, this one is all about crafting and crochet, thrifty finds and baking. Where will I begin?

Some of you may remember that I am currently making a big granny-square crocheted blanket for the sofa in my spare room. This has been a labour of love to which I have been quite committed since I started it in April. I finished making all the squares while away on holiday and am now in the process of joining them up. Not an easy feat, in fact this is much trickier than I had imagined, so any hints or tips would be gratefully received! You can see from the photo below that this is going to take me quite a while.......

While on the topic of things that take time, my other ongoing project is a patchwork quilt for our bed in a design called "Grandmother's garden". It is made from small hexagonal patches and I am handsewing it all. This is definitely not a weekend project- in fact, I really do think that it will take me years. I am making the patches in bright colours and using both scraps that I have in my craft basket as well as fabrics that I am buying. These are some of the patches that I have done. Each still has to have another border, which I plan to do in cream but I haven't found the right fabric yet. This one is my current favourite-

I also really like this red one-

I think I have done 12 in total so far, and still have about 80 left to make. Here are some more-

I promised something about baking and here it is. Have you seen the wonderful Attic24 blog? I really love it,and Lucy posted a delicious recipe for Cranberry and Pecan Tiffin which I couldn't resist trying. It truly is scrumptious, although mine didn't turn out quite as chocolatey as hers looked. Here it is ready to be yaffled down with a cup of coffee. The pretty plate is my latest buy. I bought it with a teacup and sauces and a milkjug and sugar bowel all for £2.50 from my local charity shop. This photo really doesn't do it justice, but it is a beautiful garden cottage design.

Finally, an update on the kittens. We went around to the breeders to see them today and they are just the sweetest little things- even cuter than the photo I posted yesterday (that was just an example- not actually them). The names that we have decided on,after much deliberation are- Burt and Ruby.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Lucy ~ I don't envy you the job of joining all those Grannies! You have probably seen it, but there is a very good tutorial on Attic 24 for joining Grannies and it is much better that sewing them together. Love the names for the kittens too :O)

  2. wow! your hexagon quilt is going to look fab when you do it, and will be soo special once it is completed! i really really wish i could have a kitten but i am so stupidly allergic to them that it is silly!


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