Friday, 28 August 2009

Blog awards

Hello Eveyone
I am so excited to have been given THREE blog awards this week so have added them to my side-bar. The first one was from Sarah at Red Gingham. She has a really lovely blog, so do go and have a peek if you haven't seen it already. The other one came from the lovely Lucy at Vanilla Ivy. This is another fabulous blog and she is such a clever crafter!
I have just found out that Suzie at itch2stitch has given my blog an award too! I am thrilled!!!! Have you seen her blog? Definitely worth a visit and really inspirational!

I need to list five obsessions as well, so as I am such an obsessive person about soooo many wonderfully delicious and delightful things, I will need some time to think about this, so watch this space.

I have an annual leave day today and am just about to hop in the car for a drive around Kent and Sussex in search of the antique shops mentioned a few weeks ago by Sian at Diary of a Tinyholder who clearly has a talent for interior decorating and beautiful buys. Hopefully, when I get back this afternoon I will have lots to share with you. Have a great day!

Oh, just couldn't resist adding this photo that I have just taken of Burt and Ruby.

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  1. Those kittens get cuter every time I see them! Enjoy your day off. xx

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I have a day off too so I might see you in Nutley antiques? :-)

    Sian x

  3. Hello! Did you get my award, I left you a message on your last post to tell you to come to my blog to pick it up! Suzie. :)

  4. Its three awards!!!! I gave you one too, come to my blog and pick it up! XXx

  5. Hi Lucy,

    It wasn't quite as good as it has been in NA- they usually have the odd bit of furniture in the £10-15 price range, but nothing much. It pretty much changes every week though! I was very tempted by the gorgeous purple Victorian cabinet! I got £17 off my purchases though so I did well in there - I like to go in and say 'I only have £30 and I want this and this, what can you do?'.

    I hope you had a good day off and got some bargains!

    Sian x

  6. Wot gorgeous kittings! Nothing quite so lovely as a cat snoozing!

    If you love cats, have a look at Jackie Morris' blog,

    She has six, but it's the three gingers who do the blog - Pixie, Elmo and Maurice.


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