Thursday, 13 August 2009

Making progress....

Hello Everyone, I do hope that you are having a good week. I am very pleased, in fact I'm thrilled to report that I am making Progress (with a capital P) on my blanket. I must admit that faced with the prospect of joining so many granny squares together had left me feeling slightly overwhelmed. In fact, Granny-Blanket was ignored for a few days entirely! However, some encouraging words from my fellow-bloggers got me back on the straight and narrow and, as you can see, I have really started to make progress with the dreaded joining up process.

I hand stitched the first 4 X 4 block together and that was far from enjoyable- it felt like a tedious chore and that I would just never get through the huge pile. So, with the help of Attic24's wonderful tutorial on joining up squares there is now no stopping me and I have a very satisfying pile of 4 X 4 patches sitting in front of me and I am feeling rather wonderful about it all. It is just so much easier to crochet them together than to sew them, however, when I make my next blanket I will definitely joing as I go.

I know I still have far to go before my beloved Granny-blanket is finished with more joining and hooking and umming and ahhhing but
hey- don't you think it is starting, just starting to come together? Have another look-

Right- enough about that and onto something entirely different- the garden. It is a funny sort of day today and the sun keeps poking out for a bit to flood the garden with its beautiful rays, and then it sneaks back off again behind a dark cloud and it looks like rain. I am working from home today, trying to get yet another paper drafted (I heard today that the previous one has been accepted!)so have been popping out periodically to enjoy the sun. Here are some of the little things in my garden that give me enormous pleasure-

My colourful pot of pansies. Aren't they just so cheerful?

And- my lovely roses that smell delicious! This one is almost past its best but it still looks pretty.

Look at all those glorious buds just waiting to bloom.

AND- just look at what I have in store. There must be about 80 or so green tomatoes just waiting to ripen. I think I am going to need a good recipe for chutney if anybody has one?

Anyway I think that's about all for now- I look forward to your comments!


  1. Lucy ~ the blanket is coming along very nicely. Crocheting Grannies together is much more pleasurable than sewing them! Can't wait to see the finished article :O)

  2. Loving the blanket, the flowers AND the tomatoes! :D x

  3. Your crochet blanket is beautiful! I love the blues especially!


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