Thursday, 9 July 2009

Crafty catch-up

Hello! What a week it has been. Work has been really very busy with many deadlines to meet before Friday. Disappointingly, I haven't had a chance to add to my blog until now. Anyway, here goes......... The weekend was wonderful and I spent a few hours beavering away on my sewing machine while the sun shone and the birds sang! What a productive way to spend a day! I made a few little things for birthdays that are coming up. I would show you the finished creations but my camera has decided to misbehave, so I will post them as soon as I can. Is it just me, or do you enjoy the process of making something for someone so much more than simply going to the shops to buy a gift? Late on Saturday afternoon, I decamped to my little outside terrace and did some work on my granny squares. This photo, which is rather dodgy shows just a few of the squares complete with their final cream and mauve rows. The photos really do not do the colours justice, but I am actually beginning to see what it will look like. This photo only shows 16 squares, but I have now completed 48!
As you can see though, I still have lots more to do- over 100 in fact! Then I will have the challenge of joining them up. Would you suggested stitching or crocheting them together?

It really was enjoyable sitting outside in the fresh air, lworking on my "grannies" while istening to the radio and sipping iced lemonade mixed with homemade elderflower cordial! Summertime bliss or perhaps just middle-age?

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  1. Hi Lucy

    Thanks for following and lovely to "meet" you! Your granny squares look great, wish I could crochet sometimes but I don't seem to have time to do anything lately so learning something new is a bit out of reach at the moment! Loved the pics of your garden, it looks so pretty.

    Mel xxx


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