Saturday, 17 October 2009

A productive afternoon

Hello again,
Another post today- I am harnessing this very out-of character energy! I hope that you are not too shocked.

It is a cold, bleak day where I am today, so just the perfect afternoon for some sewing. That is just what I have spent a few very enjoyable hours doing and this is what I made:


 Two little cosmetic bags made from vintage- style floral fabric.

This one made from roses fabric.

And this one, which has little pink flowers on it.

They are lined inside with contrasting fabrics.

The pattern came from the "Sew Pretty Homestyle" book, which I know some of you have. To be honest, the instructions were not the easiest to follow, but I think they have turned out okay. Most importantly, they will come in very handy as I needed some new make-up bags. All I had to buy was the zippers, so quite a thrifty project!

While I had the camera out I thought I would take a few snaps of the crocheted quilt that I finished making a few weeks ago, but haven't shown you yet.
Here it is on our bed.

 Do you like the colours? I think it looks pretty and although it is only put on the bed like this at night, it does actually look okay with the floral patchwork quilt underneath.

I think the best thing about it is that because it is pure wool, it is deliciously heavy and warm- no doubt it will be getting lots of use from now on in!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,



  1. I think all your makes are great, but I love that bed cover, love the colours! Suzie. xx

  2. I have that book and have wanted to try that pattern! Well done they look wonderful.
    You clever thing being able to crochet; the colours are beautiful! :) X

  3. Hi Lucy! Is it you who is wanting to join my PIF? Please let me know so I can let you know the details. Thanks, Sarah


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