Monday, 12 October 2009

More happy things

Well, it is 10pm on Monday evening and I am writing feeling rather contrite, having said just last week that I would blog every day for a week. So much for good intentions as that resolution lasted all of two days! I am so busy with work that the time just flies and there are just not enough hours in the day. I guess that it really wasn't that suprising that I fell off the regular blog-writing wagon yet again......

 Anyway, here I am back to say hello and to share with you some more happy things. I was supposed to add something to my blog on Friday, and I had intended to ramble on for a bit about how happy Fridays make me feel, so perhaps it is just as well that you were spared the joys of that one!

Another motivator of happiness for me is making things, whether it be baking a treat to enjoy with my husband or doing something crafty. Some of you who have read my previous entries will know that I recently finished crocheting a woollen blanket. The whole process from start to end was very enjoyable and I used to enjoy picking up my crochet hook in the evenings to make a few granny squares after a stressful day at work. I really must post some photos to show you what the final product turned out like.

So, having completed that project I was on the look-out for a new one, and have been very inspired by you all- so much crafting talent out there in blogland! Feeling in the best of creative spirits on Saturday, I set off into the town to visit the local haberdashery/wool/craft supply shop with the intent of buying an armful of lovely Debbie Bliss yarn to start either another blanket or perhaps a scarf.  It just wasn't to be. The colour choices were dismal to say the least and the prices ridiculous, so I gave the whole wool thing a miss. Instead I set off in the direction of the fabrics in search of something tremendously bright and cheerful.
This is what I bought:

 As you can see, these are five bright and gloriously cheerful fabrics in bright pink polka dots, gingham and three fresh green prints.

Would you like to see what I made?

Okay- here they are- three, handy bags complete with front pocket and contrasting lining. The photos still aren't great- and truthfully, in reality they do look a lot better, but  I think you can sort of get the idea.

This photo really doesn't do them justice, so here are a few individual ones:

and inside, this one is lined with pink gingham.

I think my favourite is this one:

I like the polka-dot lining very much. In fact, it sort of makes me happy just opening it up and peeking inside.
See what I mean:

You might be wondering what on earth I am now going to do with three rather garishly coloured, large fabric bags...? Well, I think I will put them in the car and use them as shopping. They are much nicer than my current, rather non-descript, run-of-the-mill ones and I am quite pleased how they have turned out.

I ran a half-marathon yesterday and even though I did not feel the least bit happy while running, especially at the 11mile mark when I really just wanted to stop and go home, the lovely feeling of achievement at the end was worth it and  it did make me happy. I hope that you all enjoyed a nice weekend as well.
It is now getting late now, so until next time- bye for now.


  1. Hello! I really do know what you mean about looking at the lining and it makes you happy. Me too! Lovely bags and surely shopping days now will be brighter and sunny! Good for you do the marathon! Suzie. xxx

  2. Oh wow how clever are you?! Those bags are lovely! Creating stuff makes me happy too. Especially on a 'down day'; one cannot think about what's getting one down when one is concentrating on creating something! :D

  3. Hi Lucy
    I love those bags, what pretty fabrics. That polka dot is soooo lovely! Well done to you for your half marathon!
    Sally xx

  4. I love the combination of the pink and green together and the bags you made are wonderful :O)

  5. Well done with the marathon - I couldn't have done it!
    Those bags are beautiful and such lovely fabrics.


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