Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Big Knit

Hello again,
Every evening this week I have tried to do something creative as this is something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled and balances the stresses of work. So far, so good! On Monday evening I finished making the gorgeously bright green and pink bags (thanks for your lovely comments- no talent involved though-they were incredibly simple!). On Tuesday evening I bottled 6 jars of delicious grape jelly/jam and that was really rewarding. Needless to say with my excessive jam production this year, I really doubt that I will ever have to purchase jam again! I really must stop now as it has become almost addictive!

Yesterday evening I finished off my ten little bottle hats for the Innocent Drinks Big Knit 2009. What do you think?

They are cute aren't they? These were really very easy to make and when I looked on the website today to find the address to send them to I saw that they have extended the deadline until the end of the month. So, now I have time to make a few more. It is for a fabulous cause, so if you have a few spare hours, why not give it a go? Honestly, if I can make them and they turn out half-decent looking, anyone can!

Here's another snap (just slightly different from the first- I really should have posed them differently!)

Just one more thing- if you do decide to make these, keep your pets away from the proceedings! Our playful,mischievous kittenshad a ball stealing the completed pom-poms that I had made!
So much fun in fact that they completely destroyed 3!

Would you like to see how fast they are growing?

Have a good evening and I'll chat again soon!


  1. Hi Lucy! What wonderful little covers they are. The wools are so pretty and the pompoms sweet. Are they smaller than egg cup size?

    Now I see you also make jams. Do you have any tips before I attempt it this summer? Would hate to get sauce instead of jam! Maybe a foolproof recipe?

  2. What a creative week you're having.
    The knitts are lovely, as are the kits - I can't believe how fast they are growing! :) x


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