Thursday, 8 October 2009

Happiness is also.....

Hello Everyone,
Thanks so much for popping into say hello yesterday- it gave me a huge boost and your comments were lovely!
As I mentioned yesterday my challenge each day for the next week is to post about something that makes me happy.
Today I am going to tell you just a little bit about where I live, because that tends to make me very happy indeed.

I live in Kent, not far from the Sussex border and it really is a beautiful part of the country. Commuting into London everyday really means that I enjoy spending the weekends at home with my loved one. One of my favourite things to do is to go out on a country walk, and luckily, the countryside is literally just minutes away. I have spent many happy hours enjoying walks through some really pretty scenery.

Perhaps it is because I was brought up in a sunburnt country and lived all of my life (until 9 years ago) in a region that couldn't really be described as pretty, that I find the Kent countryside so beautifully and happiness inducing. Here's what I mean-

That's all from me for now- well at least until Friday when I will be back with something else that makes me happy. Actually, just the thought of Friday makes me very happy indeed!



  1. Oh yes. That would make me very happy too. Does it smell heavenly when you walk by too? Such a pretty colour. I quite like the lovely house too. Very countrysideish. Wow that's quite a word!

  2. I'm not surprised you like living where you do - we've spend a few weekends in Sussex/Kent border and love it - it's a really nice part of the country and so much to do!

  3. Hiya Lucy :) Wonderful pictures, I can see why you are happy there.
    I too adore where I live. When I hear people complain about england I am always confused as to why?! Nothing beats a hazy english summer or golden autumn in the english countryside :D

  4. You are right it is beautiful. I live in Lancashire and we are lucky too, to have countryside and beauty around about. It lifts the spirits! Loved your photos! Suzie. x

  5. I'd love to know where you live - it can't be far from me as I'm only 5 miles or so from the border? I'm thinking of going back to working in London. It can be a pain, but I miss reading novels on the train and the vibrancy of working in the city. Frankly Worthing is a hole! :-)


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