Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Packages in the mail

Today I worked from home, and pleasingly, had a productive day, completing not only a lecture for tomorrow but also a research proposal. I feel so relieved as both had been playing on my mind and I was starting to feel stressed!
The best thing about working from home, was that I was here to receive two packages from the postman. The first contained some wool I was waiting for to complete the granny squares that I am making for my throw. Although I have used bright colours: aqua, pink, yellow, lime green, corflower blue and purple for the squares, I wanted to have some consistency so decided on a row of cream and then a row of mauve. I have done one as a trial and think that it looks pretty- so perhaps I have made a good choice? The other package was a surprise from my Mum in Australia. She sent a lovely magazine full of great ideas, so maybe some more projects will be on the way!

1 comment:

  1. Lucy ~ I love the cream and the mauve together and think that you have made a good choice there. I still don't envy all that joining up of squares that you have to do though!


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