Monday, 15 June 2009


It's Monday and I have a severe case of mondayitis! Not quite sure why, as a peek in my diary tells me that this week at work isn't going to be too taxing, but nevertheless (don't you just love the way that word always just rolls off the tongue?) I am definitely feeling a little mondayitisy. Could it be that I had such a lovely weekend? The weather was great and I filled the days with some of my favourite things to do- baking crunchy chocolate slice for my husband to take with him to share with this sailing friends, a browse around the shops and an even longer browse in the local library, a picnic in the grounds of Leeds castle, some hours spent in the garden in my comfy cane chair admiring the roses, two long lazy lie-ins and a walk with my husband through the fields picking elderflower to make cordial. Today, it is wet and grey and thundery and I just cannot find the inclination or thoughts to write a proposal that I have to write and instead I am wasting the day thinking about what I will do next weekend. I think the only thing for it is to try to focus on my work for the next few hours and if I can do that, I will reward myself with a wander to the shops, a new magazine and maybe even a sweet treat. Monday is feeling better already!

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