Sunday, 31 May 2009

Jam making- how enjoyable!

What a fabulous weekend it has been. Not only has the weather been perfect and I have been able to spend many hours in my garden, but I have also spent time doing one of the things I most enjoy- jam making! Seeing that the sun was shining early on Saturday morning, my husband and I (one of the best fruit-picking partnerships around) decided that it would be great to go out to the fabulous Downingbury farm that is located very close to where we live, to pick some strawberries. They probably aren't quite at their best yet, but nevertheless, we picked about 3 kilograms, and then I spent a few enjoyable hours on Saturday afternoon making them into jam- 11 jars in total and it is delicious!

I don't know what it is about jam making that I find so enjoyable and rewarding- perhaps it is the fact that your labours last all year long? In the winter I love being able to have jam that I made myself from fruit that I picked myself. So, this was the first batch of the season and I still have redcurrent jelly,blackberry jam and grape jam (from grapes we grow ourselves) to come! The only problem is that I am already running out of jars!

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